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Activelifestyle Travel Network Newsletter

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Sites for sale.
They include
All are for sale. So too are the more than 100 domains in the Active
lifestyle Travel Network. To see them all go to or


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Owning, sponsoring or partnering with  the Activelifestyle Travel Network is as easy as

The Activelifestyle Travel Network (ATN) is home of some of the best domains in all the web is for sale. All of it, either one domain or the whole thing. And that's not all. ATN is aggressively seeking partnerships or sponsors for those who prefer not to use funds at this time.

Of course prices vary but it is time to make an offer if you want to control, partner or sponsor one or all of the best domains on the web.

Who knows, you may find, at a price you can readily afford, a site that fits perfectly with your business. Look the domains over, they are to be found at and make contact with

If you are in the travel business, either large, small or a newly-minted startup, the Activelifestyle Travel Network is where you may find your perfect match.

But please act quickly.  Activelifestyle is currently conversing with a number of potentially interested parties, so time is not always on your side.

Our main site, the ones most highly visited are on skiing in Europe and sites that boast the resort name. These in fact- the ones bearing the name of a resort- are among ATN's most profitable.  Our travel domains, like or are also growing steadily both in terms of profits and visitor count.

So, would any travel business benefit?  Well we certainly think so.

But before you go on thinking that we have only domains devoted to travel, be informed. ATN features domain names that highlight gaming, luxury, sports like golfing and Asian destinations, just to mention a few.

Go now to and see what is right for you. Then send an email to; ask any question or make an offer. Remember; there are plenty of ways to buy and sell a business. Any idea you may have will be respectfully and quickly answered.

Almost anyone can benefit. Tourism offices, tour wholesalers or operators, travel-domain publishers, accommodation or other suppliers.

Should your orginazation consider owning or partnering with in any way with one, or more, of the finest domain names in the travel world, let's talk now.

Bill Fogarty
The Activelifestyle Travel Network


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