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The Activelifestyle Travel Network (ATN) consists of 250 web domains, all ending in .com. See the entire list at www.atnlinks.com.  The great majority of ATN domains were set up for travel purposes. However many of them may be used for other purposes because the name may
be taken to have another meaning altogether.
It should be noted here that ATN does not owe one penny to anyone. The entire network of 250 domains is free and clear.

ATN; the 80-20 equation; which sites make any money to speak of
Out of the 250 domains in ATN only about 13 of them make any real money. You have heard of the 80-20 rule? Well this is it in spades; try 230-20 just for starters. At the top of our money-making list is
www.zermatt.com. This site makes about $100,000 for just ten days work annually. These ten days are usually divided into three trips annually to Zermatt.  Therefore the asking price is $100,000,000.
I have turned down offers of $300 of late as I did not think that would make the grade. Next come the sites for
www.courmayeur.com,   www.skiAustria.com www.skiItaly,com   and www.skiSwitzerland.com.  ATN also has www.skifrance.com but that does not rank among the biggest earners.

Sales and prices of domains
A recent Travel Thailand domain sale netted ATN $75,000 for which
we gave up three names. The sale was spread over time and originally consisted of five domains. The most powerful and highly visited was
www.travelthailand.com.  The new owners promised to pay at least $5,000 monthly with a down payment of $10,000. The domains were being held by ATN’s holding company and netted a total of $75,000 before the “red shirts” made their appearance and totally dried up funds in the incoming travel field. We stopped the arrangement and relinquished three domains; www.bangkokthailand.com, www.phuketthailand.com and www.pattayathisland.com. The domains www.travelthailand.com and www.thailandgolfmaps.com  suffered greatly in terms of visitors
and income. However ATN repossessed both domains and is now in the process of audience building for the Travel Thailand domain.

Investments, partners and asking price

So what is the total worth of all ATN’s 250 domains? One shareholder
is a former prime minister of Thailand. He paid $500,000 for just 5% of the total shares. Before that an Australian paid $100,000 for 15% and a programmer earned 4% in compensation for his expertise in programming. Taking this into account an accounting and banking firm hired to see what this Banking and Appraisal Company would place the value.  Churchill Pryce the company retained valued ATN, the network, at $10,000,000. That was approximately 8 years ago and the number of domains was about 120. Were they right? Who knows?  However with 250 domains and decent earnings from about thirteen of them, the asking price has risen to $20,000,000.

What figure is right? There is any number of appraisal methods.
How did we arrive at the figure $ 20,000,000? Where do we get the idea that all 250 domains are worth twenty million dollars? Well we did not use the old tried and true method of 5 years multiple of earnings. How,
if ATN only made substantial money only from its top 13 domains, would that work? We can produce the old figures of Churchill Price,
but are they relevant now?

Well how about the domain names? These have been selected, many as far back as 1988, for-well-their names. I mean can you imagine the Austrian Tourism Board letting a boy from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, run around owning the name
www.skiaustria.com? After all skiing is Austria’s biggest single tourism industry. What about skiing in France, Italy or Switzerland? Similar if not the same statements can be made for each of these names. Or what about www.zermatt.com?
The Zermatt Tourist Board and the Gemendie tried to get the name for nothing through WIPO the World International Protection Organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. In spite of the fact that the plaintiffs retained the use of one of Switzerland’s best and focused group of attorneys (at what we assume is great cost to the citizens of Zermatt)
the case was dismissed. I spent nothing. What about
  is that worth the $300,000 that was promised to purchase it? What is the worth of any of ATN’s year-round European domains, (these names really focus on summer) or any of the 250-domains of ATN for that matter? Well I will tell you, they are all open
to offer.

Can the domains be repackaged in any other way?
The quick answer is yes. There is, for example a network devoted only to ski and country sites. Another would cover resort names in every country. Still another could combine all of the “why ski” series and another would cover the lesser known parts of Thailand.  What I mean
to point out here is that there is no limit to the ways you can buy domains, but we at ATN needed some way to organize them.
Organize your own network, try any of the domains and fit them into
any network you like and make an offer.

There are many ways to buy a domain.
One can make an offer of cash.’ For starters there are some domains
that will go for as little as $1,000 and at least one where the asking price is $1,000,000. Yes that’s right, one million. All together and I emphasize here, we do not for a moment think that anyone should buy all of the domains. Consider it; failing one email attempt at purchasing the entire network by an Austrian entrepreneur, no one has made an offer for the entire Activelifestyle Travel Network. For the whole network the asking price is currently $20,000,000. One can negotiate these asking prices of course. Here cash is always king. But what about payments?  On those we ask you to make an offer and describe your terms. What have you got to lose the most we can say is no. Then there are takeovers with a share of the incoming wealth; these apply to all but the most moneymaking domains.   What I am trying to say here is that I will listen to almost any option; the presentation is down to you.

ATN’s ranking on major search engines and approximate visitors annually.
If one were to use the top visited domains on ATN the amount of visitors would be around 11,000,000. Yet there are domains that get a very low visitor count. So should we make them (the domains) into two separate companies? Anyway our biggest domain in terms of visitors is
www.skiaustria.com. This year (2011) in February the domain had more than 43,000 visitors. Multiply this figure by 250 and you get ten million seven hundred and fifty thousand 10,750,000.

How can that be if we are claiming 6,000,000 visitors annually? The answer? Only the best of the domains get a satisfying visitor count, and these could be much higher as well. The reason is content; ATN employs just five people. So the biggest visitor counts are over the top 13 domains, the ones that make the most money. The visitors drop fiercely after that. In fact the top 13 domains earn about 90% of the visitors.
The same goes for ranking. Our top, say, 20 domains rank on the first page of most popular search engines.

ATN will now start to make a breakdown on all the networks inside a domain. In the meantime if you have an offer or questions please email me at
. Please be specific about the domain or network in which you are interested.


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